The Walls have Ears (A short story — part I)

Somto Emmanuel
4 min readMay 18, 2022
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The bright morning sun which slit through your window spread its golden rays around the room, promising a beautiful day, but Mama’s narrowed gaze and hands stiff around her waist, threatened otherwise.

“If it’s not you, then who is it? Ehn? Who told him?” She asked in a stiff tone.

The question sounded as if she had spoken through her teeth, like she is trying against her will to control her anger, like any moment from now, her fisted hands will land on your back.

“Mama, me I don’t know o. I did not tell him I swear! How will I tell him such a thing?” You replied, shifting around where you sat, even though the bed is nothing close to being uncomfortable.

“As far as I am concerned, you are the only one I have told this to. I said I will carry this secret to my grave. I just said let me tell you just in case there’s a need for it in the future and I’m no longer there…”

“Mama, I don’t know o. Maybe someone overheard us that–”

“Who? Who could have overheard us talking about your brother around 2 am at night? Ehn? Ada, we live alone in this compound. Or are you now saying that the walls have ears?

You smacked the lip gloss around your lips until it became evenly distributed. After giving your powder the one last blend, you pulled down your mini skirt a little, taking note of how it molded your ass before heading to the door.

The heavy rain that poured last night made your untarred street messier, but the morning sun feels so good on your skin. Usual onlookers in my street will think you’re heading to jamb lesson, but you’re actually on your way to your brother’s lodge to find out how he knew about his paternity.

You’re aware this meeting might turn out in two ways. Either your brother agrees to roll with your crazy family, or he will flip out angry. But then, maybe it will ignite that spark that had been burning between you two for almost 10 years. An attraction you both can’t allow, because you had thought that it was an abomination.

You got to the junction and boarded a bus that will take you to unizik junction, where his lodge is.

“Hey, big head.” You said on seeing Jidenna, your brother.

“And what are you doing here?” He asked as his brows began furrowing in a frown.

“What do you mean by that? Can’t I come and visit my brother in school?”

“Your brother?” He created a tiny space around the door reluctantly, “Wait, are you not supposed to be in your jamb lesson? Or are you planning to fail again this year? It’s been 5 years Ada.”

You walked into his tiny room, taking note of how tidy and organized it is, “I know, don’t remind me biko. Mama sent me. Wait, what do you mean by brother in that stiff tone?”


“The way you said, brother. In a sarcastic tone.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You lowered yourself to his bed, relishing how soft the bed sheet feels on your skin.

“And why are you lying down?”

“Are you still angry?”

“Look Ada, you need to leave.”

“You’re still angry. See Jide, it’s not a big deal. You know my own story.”

“It’s not a big deal? You found out about yours before you were 10, mine is after 25 years. Finding out after 25 years that your whole life had been a lie is not a big deal?”

“It’s just DNA. It’s not–”

“And DNA is the basis of every human being. Why didn’t she just tell me? Why did I have to find out from Tony?”

“What?! Tony told you?”

“Your little boyfriend. A fucking outsider!”

“Why did he tell you such a thing?”

Jidenna held your gaze, and you saw something change in his eyes. It was a mixture of hurt and excitement. A hurt from the past, but excitement about the future. He broke the gaze, rushed to the door and locked it before approaching you.

“Jide, what are you doing?” You asked as you watched him take off his shorts, revealing hard slabs of packs and broad shoulders. A result of spending too much time in the gym, instead of the lecture room.

He unbuckled his belt, and stepped off his trousers and briefs before landing on top of you.

“Jide, what are you doing?”

“You know he also told me how he found out. From hiding under your bed that night. How long have your silly games been going on?”

“Jide please–”

He lowered himself further and you felt his hardness in between my thighs, trying to push past your panties, “now it’s either you let me slide into that little sweet cunt of yours, or I will tell Mama your little secret.”



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