Love Shouldn’t Cost You a Dime. Here’s why…

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This post was inspired by the amazing Ayra starr and Magixx's Love don't cost a dime. One of my favourite songs at the moment.

Here's the part that drives me loco;

…And when she tell me "my love is your love baby"

She no want the Gucci bag or the Fendi

Girl she gimme butterflies in my belly

Oh love ah

And when she tell me "my love is your love baby"

If my world was drowning baby she go save me

Girl she gimme butterflies in my belly

Oh, love ah…

I was listening to this song when it occurred to me that people actually do the exact opposite. Especially love in the romantic scene.

Take a typical guy trying to win a girl's attention for example. He is not yet about to woo her. Just still in the process of getting the attention of a girl he likes. A girl whose boobs or butts, his brain hasn't quite stopped processing the breathtaking shape.

What do you think will happen when he slides into her DM to ask for her number? Especially if this is about to go down on Mark's favourite app, and this girl happens to be one of Instagram baddies, whose poses and pictures alone will pause a man's peace and drive him crazy.

Your guess is as good as mine. She will SNOB him.

But what do you think will happen when the first message he types is "send your account details, wanna appreciate your beauty."

Her typical reply will be almost instant. Isn't that what the 'insta' in Instagram stands for? I don't know, but I guess that the account details will be followed by some love emojis.

What the guy is trying to do is to soften the landing and make the wooing process easier for him. But the smooth chyking journey he is anticipating will all depend on how much he sent. Anything less than $100 will only get him one answered reply. Delayed response in some cases. Snobbing in extreme cases.

Love, from what I know, heard and have experienced, is a rush of dopamine. It gets you all excited. It will make you say stupid things, do the unthinkable. You will lose track of time when you're in love.
But should you also lose all your savings when in love?

Absolutely not!

Love shouldn't cost you a dime. Okay, maybe lesser dimes and more good times.

Here's what I mean;

A big yes to spoiling your loved ones, buying them gifts, taking them to their favourite restaurant and vacation spot.

But a big no when it becomes purely transactional.

Some people, just like that tinder swindler guy, and a whole lot of my gender members, have turned love—which is a simple dopamine rush, into a gold mine.

Tell a girl you love her, and the next thing you'll see is a message from her, billing you. "Babe buy me new hair. Babe I need my house rent renewed. Babe when am I getting the new phone."

Some have even gone to the extent of forming entitlement to someone else's money. Demanding cash you didn't work for? Just because this person said the L word to you? C'mon.

Love shouldn't cost a dime. Love should be enjoyed at one's expense.

When you're in love; you should make beautiful life memories, and not acquire bills.

Love should be a feeling that will put smiles on your face and bring out-loud laughter, not one that will make you cringe and force a frown each time you remember what went down.

Love shouldn't always serve you 'breakfast', unless that breakfast is some fluffy pancakes and syrup with a mug of coffee. Breakfast shouldn't be a national cake, unless, again, that national cake is some fluffy banana flavoured pancakes.

Love should be just Love.

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