Love At Your Own Peril

Somto Emmanuel
3 min readApr 28, 2022


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Love is a four-letter word, meant to send trills down your bones and erupt in you an unending feeling of happiness. Love, a word that is also synonymous with truth, but might be a lie. Love, when in a sentence, no matter how neutral it tries to sound, unleashes every manner of interest.

But does love exist? Or should I ask, does true love exist? Or is it all lies?

Love might be an illusion. One created by romantic writers, with elated feelings and a happily ever after ending. But I’m damn sure that it isn’t what happens in reality. I’m a writer, have written a romantic fiction (Blameless Love), so trust me when I say I can imagine all those writers, sitting in an open space, devoid of noise but will help spark the creative energy needed to craft a love story so strong it will be nothing other than believable to anyone who reads or watched such piece.

What happened in Shakespeare’s mind, is all pure imagination, one never experienced. Romeo and Juliet? A time bomb fictional romance. Or was it a true-life story? Who knows… In movies, love will make you excited about life. In reality, love might make you cry. Love might make you question your sanity. Love might drive you crazy.

Crazy, not because the feelings you get are so good. But crazy, in the context that you just want to pull off your clothes and run the streets butt naked. The insanity is wild. Feeling crazy in love, then feeling crazy out of love. Your partner drove you crazy deep into her soul when it all began. Then your partner is also driving you crazy out of love, out on the street.

The world, and the whole concept of life, will feel different when you think you’re in love. You will feel luckier, happier, and sound gigglish. But also watch out for how angrier, bitter and crazier you will sound when it ends. You will wish the world would end. Life will prick your skin.

Someone said love is a trickle concept and I agree with him. Because what else can you attribute to the fact that you met someone who promised you heaven, earth and beyond. Someone who will get your slow life to start rolling faster than the speed of light. Someone who will make you view and do life differently. Only for that said person to turn their back on you and everything changes.

What if love is an imagination? A delusional thought we all get when we zone into survival mode and crave happiness. What if that’s all there is to love.

I don’t know if true love exists, mostly because I haven’t experienced it. And the last I checked, experience is still the best teacher. So, maybe when I feel what those in love used to feel, I can be able to attest to the fact that love is beautiful and kind.

Maybe, someday. It hasn’t happened in my past, I’m still oblivious to the feeling in this present day. But maybe all of that might change in the future.

As for now, listen to me and love at your own peril.

PS, the above image is breakfast, but used as heartbreak in this context. Thanks 😊



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