Does Working Hard really pay off?

Somto Emmanuel
3 min readMar 25, 2022

Does working hard really pay off?

This is the question my sister threw at me after reading the latest celebrity scandal off some blog on Instagram.

The gist this time is about a blog calling out a celeb who claims all her success stories are as a result of hard work.

"Hard work? Really Ms N?" The blog had asked, before going further to point an accusing finger at the Nollywood diva.

"She has a sugar daddy sponsor." The blog said.

"No! I do not!" Ms N replied in the form of a long thread, which she posted on her insta story.

They both had evidence, so who do we now believe? If you know the story that I'm talking about, who do you believe? The actress or the blogger?

But my question is—DOES HARD WORK REALLY PAY?

Or do some people have some secret means they use to get their 'hard work' work faster.

A means smoother and easier. A means that won't cost them sleepless nights. A means that won't require them shedding sweat and tears.

I don’t know about our Ms N, whether her hard-work stories are lies, just like the blog had insinuated, but the truth is that, all that glitters ain’t gold.

Most of these rich divas that flaunt their signs of wealth and achievement on Instagram, when asked how they made it, what we usually hear is the inspire to aspire nonsense. Blah blah blah.

"Hard work." 97.5% of them would say. All the time.

But is it really hard work?

They will tell you that they had so many sleepless nights, trying to get their ideas together. (Are you having a sleepless night or are you trying to 'sleep' your way to the top?)

Some will claim that they even sleep on wet pillows, soaked by tears.

Others will attest that they are "small girls with big gods."

But what you will never hear leave their lips…

"My billionaire sugar daddy sponsored it."

"Yes! I'm owning up to the fact that I slept my way up there."

"My family came from old money, so I sorted my way all through. Fast and easy. No stress."

So the next time you want to type "God when?" under a social media post you're admiring, or start wishing to be like the person sharing their success story, or even try to resent yourself for not working too hard;

Remember that not all hard work pays off. Some pay for it through the other way. A road free from stress, sleepless nights and struggles.

So relax, take your time and be consistent in what you do. What will be, will be.

I would have given you tips on how hard work pays off, but I have none. Zero. I'm still struggling to get myself together to land my dream job. Still trying to write that captivating story that will propel my writing career.

However, just in case you are reading this, and you have legitimately gotten to the top. Please share your success story. The tips and tricks you used to get to the top.

Also, if you're still struggling like me, please don't hesitate or be shy to share your struggle story.

All in the comment box.

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