26 Lessons I have Learnt in 26 Years

Somto Emmanuel
3 min readApr 21, 2022


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The world might not be rotating around my bum bum, but I sure have taken a trip around the sun 26 times and have learnt a lot.

Life is a learning cycle, with zillions of lessons. Being 26 — the middle age in the adulting phase, I have had enough experience to last me a lifetime. Some of them are good, others are bad and the rest are ugly.

Life is always eager to teach us, it’s just left to us to listen, then learn the positive ones that will add something valuable to our lives, unlearn the negative ones which we had somehow picked up unknowingly, or formed as a bad habit and relearn the ones that have evolved with life.

How crazy it is that the above paragraph started and ended with life. Life. Life is crazy itself, and here are the 26 lessons I have learnt while navigating through it.

  1. Treat others just the same way you would love to be treated. I’m guessing it’s nice, so in other words, always be nice both to friends and random strangers.
  2. Take slow but steady steps. It’s better to take slow calculated steps than to be fast rushing nowhere.
  3. Look, before you leap.
  4. The universe listens, so always ask.
  5. Always prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances, because you never can tell the crazy battles awaiting you.
  6. When in love, please always think thrice before making any decisions. You might not be thinking with your senses, so yeah.
  7. Dreams do come true, at the right time, which might not be your speculated time. So wait for it.
  8. Always plan your day — it’s easier that way.
  9. If something isn’t working, know when to let go.
  10. Observe people before jumping into friendships with them.
  11. Avoid people users. You know those that will always shine their teeth when they need something from you? Yes. Shine your eyes and avoid them.
  12. Learn how to make your own decisions. You mustn’t involve the whole community in it.
  13. Silence is still golden.
  14. Be contented with what you have.
  15. Do it afraid. Better afraid than chickening out of it.
  16. Excellency, over perfection. You’re a human, not a machine.
  17. Give your best in all you do and leave the rest for God.
  18. When it comes to career choices, give it a million thoughts before choosing.
  19. Endure difficult circumstances while praying it goes away.
  20. Make Matthew 6:33 your mantra.
  21. Experiment with your ideas, it’s fun.
  22. Channel your energy to where it’s necessary. If it’s not worth it, then forget about it.
  23. Never let people intimidate/bully you.
  24. Always ask — for directions, for help.
  25. Time heals all wounds.
  26. Always forgive. Then try and forget.

These are the lessons I have learnt while rolling through the roller coaster called life. To be honest, life is hard. I have lost count of how many times I have had suicidal thoughts and begged God to take my life.

But then, the suicidal thoughts are temporary, and survival is eternal. I will continue surviving.

It’s my birthday, and yet another golden opportunity for a trip around the golden ball called the sun. A round of applause for me.

Happy birthday to me 🥂. Cheers to 26 💓



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